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ISSUE 250: How times change. On Thursday, December 3, 2009, I was no doubt apologising for yet another flower delivery that had ended up inside the bin of the intended recipient in the run up to Christmas. Working in the call centre of a well-known high street name, my scruffy grey Volvo ‘Amazon’ stood out like a sore thumb in a car park full of A3s, Corsas and Fiestas. As a pool of turgid 20W\50 dribbled out of the 121’s dented sump, the very first issue of Classic Car Buyer made its way into the world. It’s with some trepidation, therefore, that I find myself tasked with writing a fitting editorial for its 250th issue. Unlike your flowers, I make no apologies for Classic Car Buyer’s progress, (even as a mere staff writer with a leak-free Amazon). Like a Jaguar XJ6 charging through bumpy Fenland roads at full pelt, we’ve persevered to bring you our best newspaper yet. To mark this momentous occasion, Ian Seabrook takes £250 back through the decades to find out what ‘half a monkey’ would buy you in the ‘Fifties, all the way through to the ‘Nineties. He’s turned up some stunning bargains, particularly when adjusted for inflation and hindsight. I’d happily park a V8 Ford Pilot outside my house to celebrate! Here’s to the next 250 issues of Classic Car Buyer. Thanks for your continued support!

Jon Burgess, Staff writer