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ISSUE 299: Today, classic cars are big business. This has of course been the case for a number of years but it is especially true in 2015. Prices have been on the rise and because classic cars as a whole are becoming increasing valuable commodities everything associated with these loveably chunks of metal has benefitted as a result– restoration companies are busier than ever, a next day delivery service on parts for cars that have been out of production for decades is becoming the norm, and the diaries for fans of this unique hobby have never been fuller, with dates for an ever increasing number of auctions, car meets, static car shows and historic motorsport events on a regional, national and even international level. With all this in mind we wanted to pause and take stock. There are many questions that can be asked of the current classic car market: ‘What is driving these price rises?’, ‘Why are certain cars attracting larger sums than others?’ and ‘How much longer can classics continue to appreciate as quickly as they, in some cases, have been?’. We aim to answer these questions and many more in this Autumn Special issue of Classic Car Buyer with an in-depth feature across 15 pages, doing so by selecting our ‘Hot 50 Classics’. These aren’t necessary the cars that have seen the biggest increases in value (though a selection of these cars, including air-cooled Porsche 911s and performance-focused MkI Ford Escorts, certainly do feature), nor are they all ones that we reckon will see big rises soon (non-GTI MkI Volkswagen Golfs and XJS Jaguars as two examples), but altogether they represent a sample of the classic car market and offer context as to its current state.

Chris Hope