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ISSUE 248: From today, Wednesday October 1, there will no longer be a legal requirement to display a paper tax disc in the corner of your car’s windscreen. This is just one part of the biggest shake-up of Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) regulations since tax discs were first introduce in 1921 and this week’s Hot Topic recaps how all the new rules will affect you. It’s probably a good idea to keep this issue safe for future reference as it’s very important all vehicle owners understand how these new regulations will be applied as they also seriously affect the way cars are bought and sold. From today, any remaining VED won’t be automatically transferred to the new owner when a car is sold. This means a vendor can no longer use that time-honoured phrase often seen at the end of a classified advert stating a vehicle is ‘taxed and tested’. Over the years, these three little words have probably sealed countless transactions, but no longer sadly, as from today a vehicle’s new owner will have to arrange both insurance and road tax before driving their new purchase away. Back to this issue, and Morris Minor fans are in for a real treat as Ian Seabrook reveals a host of buying and owning tips for anyone considering investing in a Moggie Traveller. Jack Grover goes to the other end of the power scale road testing a V8-powered Morgan while yours truly works out how much it costs to run a Triumph Vitesse for a year. Enjoy!

Iain Wakefield, Deputy editor