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ISSUE 276Although I've been involved with a host of fascinating projects during my extensive career in publishing, I've never actually taken part in a World Record attempt, let alone tried to set one on a racetrack under the steely gaze of an official adjudicator from the Guinness Book of Records. That was until a couple of Saturdays ago when I squeezed myself into the passenger seat of Jack Grover's smart little rubber-bumpered Midget and took part in Lancaster Insurance's record attempt in conjunction with the MG Owners’ Club (MGOC) to line up the largest number of roadworthy and registered MG-badged cars in a single parade. The details of how we successfully set the record are well documented further on in this issue, so I won't give away any spoilers as to the number of cars that took part, but I will say how incredibly demanding it was to set this new World Record. It wasn't just a case of turning up and parking in a large group to achieve the record for the largest number of MGs in one place. Oh no; all the cars had to parade bunched up as close as possible around Rockingham's one-and-half-mile oval track until the adjudicator was satisfi ed the record had been set. Trundling around the oval at just 20mph inches off the bumper of the MG in front was great fun and hats off to our Jack for not putting his Midget into the boot of the MGB GT we were following for the four laps around the circuit. While Jack was jostling for position in the largest group of registered MGs ever assembled, I was imagining how amazing it must have been to have seen Tony Kanaan set the lap record of a smidge over 24 seconds for just one circuit of Rockingham's bowl in his Lola- Ford – another unbroken record set back in 2001 when this superb circuit first opened.

Iain Wakefield
Senior contributor